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Best Article of Issue 1, Volume 1

Title of paper: Estimation of Ground Water Recharge in Shankergarh block of Allahabad (India) using Remote Sensing and Statistical Approach


Abstract: The present research work was undertaken to estimate the ground water recharge in Shankergarh block, Allahabad (India) during the year 2008. The data set used consisted of satellite derived rainfall and actual evapotranspiration and SCS-CN model estimated runoff values. The monthly values of the different components of water balance equation were estimated and subsequently the ground water recharge was estimated for the study area. The annual ground water recharge was found to be approximately 0.39 meter, which is nearly equal to estimated value of GWR (0.36 meter) from empirical model (Amritsar formula). The recharge was most prominent during the months of May, June, July, August, September and October because study area start rainfall occurring from April till October according to remote sensing data and record of last four years (2007-2010) rainfall data from Hydromet Division, India Meteorological Department, Allahabad district. The study gave a clear picture of the water accounting of the study area. A major portion of the precipitation was loss as runoff but a good part of rainfall going as ground water recharge and this can be attributed to the fact that the study region is predominantly an agricultural region. The precipitation is distributed evenly through the monsoon season and the runoff generated was very high (Annual runoff=880.35 mm) as compare to the ground water recharge (Annual GWR=393.69 mm).

Keywords: Ground water; MODIS, MOD16, NOAA, rainfall, remote sensing and GIS, Water Balance.

GJSET Paper- Issue 1. Vol 1. No 6

Best Article of Issue 2, Volume 1

Title of paper:Using Hemotopy Perturbation Method (HPM)to analysis 2D axial symmetric stagnation slip flow and heat transfer on a moving plate


Abstract:Analysis of the fluid flow and especially that of symmetric two-dimensional and incompressible stagnation flow with heat transfer has always been considered by scientists and researchers for a long time. During these analyses, nonlinear equations always create difficulties to solve the related problems and new methods of fluid flow analysis have proposed in the literature.In this paper, we propose a method to solve the axial symmetry stagnation flow equations including the equation of heat transfer, mass transfer and momentum equation.We use Hemotopy Perturbation Method to solve these equations. We plotted as flow function, as temperature and as mass flux. In HPM we chose h=-1 for all functions and also H=1 for each of them. We compare our result by numerical results and found that the result have very well consistent. We use 50th order for each function that are obtained from HPM. For 50th order function our error is less than that is showed in our plot and tables. Our good initial guesses help us to obtain functions in not high order functions.

Keywords:stagnation flow, axial symmetric flow, nonlinear equations, Hemotopy analysis method, HAM

GJSET Paper- Issue 2. Vol 1. No 13

Best Article of Issue 3, Volume 1

Title: Liver hydatid cyst and acute cholangitis; a case report

Author(s): Behzad Nemati Honar, MD, Mohammadreza Nikshoar, MD, Mojgan Forootan, MD, Ali Mohammad Feizi, MD, Gholamhossein Hyatollah, MD, Sahar Mirzaee, MD, Zahra Maleki, MD

Abstract: Amongst the cause of cystic hepatic disease ,hydatid cyst is common in the Asia ,South America and Africa.The definitive therapy for hepatic hydatid disease is surgical resection.Rupture of the hydatid cyst into the biliary tree can lead to serious cholangitis.In this report, a 22 year old man is presented with the signs and sympyoms of obstructive jaundice and cholangitis.Ultrasonography reported dilated common bile duct(CBD) with sludge and stones,a hydatid cyst adjacent to gall bladder and mild thickening of gall bladder wall with out stone.MRCP revealed dilated CBD with a cyst in segment fifth 0f liver. Due to signs and symptoms of obstructive jaundice in addition to lab data and imaging modalities,the rupturedof hydatid cyst into biliary tree was considered and surgical intervention was performed to extract of daughter vesicles from the CBD. Post intervention,signs and symptoms and cholestasis enzymes were subsided.

Keywords: cholangitis, hydatid cyst, biliary obstruction

GJSET Paper- Issue 3. Vol 1. No 22

Best Article of Issue 4, Volume 1

Title: A Glimpse to the Theory of Design Naturally: A New Approach to the Theory of Form in Industrial Design


Abstract: Our eyes observe a complex world, but the brain unconsciously selects what interests us and makes it seem simple [41]. These interests are strongly dominated by the long tradition of geometric and reductionist approach to the world and nature [3]. Designers usually reduce natural complex forms to their basic geometries and change them to manipulated and adapted materials for their designs. It is believed that this common vision to the nature deprives us from perceiving its complex reality [40]. Meanwhile, appealing to the complexity is a key tool for renewing the normative aesthetic language and seeking freedom from conventions in field of design [1]. Based on this argumentation a phenomenological study was being conducted to learn from the nature’s complex approach to the form issue in order to achieve possible renewal solutions. Numbers of natural phenomena were chosen and obsessively studied. Investigations showed that the nature’s real approach to the theory of form is basically different from designers’ approach. The theory of Design Naturally (TDN) is generated based on nature’s different approach to the form issue. Present paper is aimed to concisely introduce different ideological paradigms of this theory. Out hypothesis is that it provides a new aesthetic language to challenge the aesthetic conventions established in industrial design culture.

Keywords: Aesthetics, Abstraction, Complexity, Theory of form, Natural forms, Industrial Design, Forces

GJSET Paper- Issue 4. Vol 1. No 29

Best Article of Issue 5, Volume 1

Title: Forecasting Binary Technological Substitution: A New Generalized Logistic Model

Author(s): Ahmad Jafarnejad Chaghoshia, Aslan Lotfib

Abstract: The present research proposes a new generalization oflogistic model aiming atforecasting binary technological substitution processesaccording to which a new technology competes against the older version with same function to dominate the market. The introduced modelprovides accurate short-term forecasts for substitution processesthatprogress through completion as well as processesthattend to last at a maximum fraction of substitution less than one. In this method, based on mathematical approximation,at first the differential equation governing the substitution process is found andthenby solving the derived deferential equation forecast function will be obtained. In all steps, mathematical tools from numerical analysis have been used. Applicability and efficiencyof the model is demonstrated using three cases of substitution.

Keywords: Binary technological substation, Logistic model,Numerical analysis, Differential equation

GJSET Paper - Issue 5. Vol 1. No 42